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The Best, The Worst - Twin Peaks Characters

I love Twin Peaks. It’s adventurous and beautiful and chilling and mysterious and fun. The show has plenty of great characters and plenty of terrible ones, but these are my picks for absolute best and worst:

The best: Dale Cooper

Because for me, Dale Cooper is Twin Peaks. He’s quirky, he’s charming, and, like the town itself, he’s cool on the outside and turbulent underneath. More than that, he and the town share a spirit — his dreams take place in the town’s mystical lodges, he interacts with the town’s mythological figures, the woods were calling his name, for chrissake. I think Twin Peaks is just as much a story of Cooper’s psychological exploration as it is about the mysteries of a small town; or, rather, I think that everything happening in the town of Twin peaks is a representation of something happening in Cooper. More on that crazy theory later, probably.

The worst: James Hurley


Not counting the mess of crappy characters who crept into the show’s second season — Lana, Evelyn Marsh, Dick Tremayne, Little Nicky — I’d have to pick James Hurley as the worst. I think his character suffered sometimes from weak acting (was he really supposed to the cool, “dreamy” guy?) and sometimes from weak writing (the whole Evelyn Marsh storyline, for example). I actually think his character is better and more cohesive in Twin Peaks: FWWM — there you really get to see the whiny and sentimental boy Laura used and ridiculed. Sorry, James! 

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